Cheers to the middle of nowhere!

Cheers to the middle of nowhere!

Dark Sky Photography is Scott Lange and Nick Foster -- two friends who met in a physics class while studying at City College of San Francisco in 2008.  They began doing astrophotography in the summer of 2009 with the purchase of an 8" Newtonian telescope on a motorized mount, a Canon 450D DSLR camera, and a Canon 20D DSLR camera modified to better capture near infrared light. 

A successful Kickstarter project then funded a southwestern U.S. road trip whose pictures were featured in the self-published coffee table book named Dark Sky Tour. Another follow-up Kickstarter project titled "Operation Milky Way" sent the duo to various western locations where they focused solely on Milky Way landscapes. Subsequent projects would lead to capturing the night along the 211 mile John Muir Trail (The Range of Light), Dark Sky Postcards, the Grand Canyon at Night, and Great Lick Refractor -- capturing the cosmos through the 129 year old Great Refractor at the Lick Observatory!

Nick Foster graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  His design skills combined with several years of working in machine shops have allowed he and Scott to develop many of their own camera and mount parts when needed.

Scott Lange obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics (Astrophysics) from the University of California Santa Cruz.  His longtime interests in astronomy and photography have helped pave the way for project planning and execution. He also now operates the Eastern Sierra Observatory -- a unique stargazing experience featuring stargazing, hot tubs, and overnight glamping accommodations in SHIFTPODs in California's scenic Eastern Sierra.

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