Operation Milky Way was shot almost exclusively with a Canon 5D Mark III camera using the following lenses: Zeiss 15mm F/2.8, Zeiss 21mm F/2.8, Canon 14mm F/2.8, and Canon 24mm F/1.4.

These first four images are unedited straight from the camera. These images have only been prepared for printing.

These next images combine the best focused foreground with the best available tracked sky with minimal editing.

In this image of the Keck Telescopes, we combined the foreground with a sky appropriate for the direction of the shot. We couldn't get this shot of the Milky Way due to the fact that people aren't allowed on top of Mauna Kea at night, so we constructed this image out of the shots we had to simulate what it would look like if captured. The orientation of the sky is accurate to what it would be.

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